Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Joys of Black Friday

Black Friday..  Such a wonderful day..Not.  Normally I skip it and stay home like a sane person.  I think its called black friday because everyone is suffering from a Thanksgiving hangover and doesn't really want to be out.

We normally shop throughout the year or online.  We DO NOT SHOP on Black Friday.  Except this year.  Bill spent hours going over the online Walmart ad.  Convinced that there were several things we just have to have.  He didn't decide we needed to go until about 10:30 Friday morning.  I didn't say anything.  I knew everything he wanted would be gone.  Our town is tiny, our Super Walmart stocked to meet the tiny demands of our tiny population.

So we loaded up the boys and off we went.  2 1/2 minutes later (did I mention the town is tiny)  we have crossed town and are at mecca..oops sorry I meant Walmart.  Everyone in town is there, seriously the whole frickin' town is at Walmart.

And they are all in the electronics section trying to find the $5 &  $1.69 or whatever amazing price they were, DVDS.  I gave up and went in search of sheets for the boy's beds (no one is ever in those aisles anyway)  The sheets of course that were on sale are no where to be found.  1 1/2 hours later, after I have looked at everything in the store twice, the cart has 2 items.  Pull ups & aspirin.  Everything else is gone or hidden on some display hidden in the back I am sure the stock people were watching from wherever it is they watch laughing their asses off.  I would be.  I finally found Bill- still in electronics at the same display of $5 dvds that was still empty.  He was a bit unhappy.  We wandered over to the food section and there to our amazement, hidden in the egg aisle was, yes you guessed it, not 1 but 6 individual displays of the promo movies.  And there were still movies, mostly blue ray (which we don't have) but still movies.  A wonderful holiday joke!  The displays were full, it was the day after thanksgiving of course, so who would think to look in the food section,  Simply Brilliant!!!!!  I swear I heard giggling when we found them.  We were able to pick 4 movies that we wanted. 

Even though we didn't get the stuff Bill wanted to get, I think that it was time well spent.  A very, very valuable lesson was learned.
Black Friday is not the day to go to Walmart, but if you have to, and you can't find what you are looking for.  Follow the faint, merry sounds of laughter, look under security cameras in places where you wouldn't think what your looking for will be. 
I probably should have checked the frozen food section for the sheets- it does kinda make sense :)

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